Martenica Folkdance Ensemble
Királyi Pál str. 7., Budapest, H-1053
Director: Deli, Levente
Phone: +36-20-528-0984, e-mail:



Martenica Folkdance Ensemble has been collecting the rich and colourful Bulgarian folklore and performing folk dances since 1982.

For the sake of further development we have participated in several country and village festivals and local trainings throughout Bulgaria. As a result of this experience and the invaluable work of the well-known Bulgarian choreographers, who helped us putting our dances to the stage, the folkdance-lovers can get an overview of the folklore of the main ethnic groups of Bulgaria.

We represented Hungary and the Bulgarian minority in several important national and international festivals and programmes during the past years. For instance we were invited to Italy and Germany and we achieved our greatest success at the World Festival of Folk Dances in Palma de Mallorca, where we won the first prize in 1997 and 1999. The authenticity of our dances is also proven by the honour that we were invited to perform at the Festival of National Folk Dances in Koprivshtica second time in 2000.


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